The Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed streamflow and sedimentation program provides fundamental information for research into hydrologic processes, precipitation-runoff relationships, hydrograph characteristics, water yield, and the interactive effects of climate, vegetation, soils and land use on rangeland hydrologic response. The RCEW basic data set provides a basis for evaluating temporal variability in hydrologic regime and water yield, and for evaluating spatial variability within a typical upland rangeland landscape. Rangeland watersheds, with high-elevation seasonal snowpack that provides a major source of streamflow for spring and early summer, supply water for on-site biological production, in-stream and near-stream habitat, and downstream uses including irrigation, recreation and hydropower generation. Streamflow and sediment data from RCEW are particularly valuable for understanding complex upland runoff and sediment generation processes of rain and snowmelt on snow and frozen soils which can produce flooding and property damage throughout the Northwestern United States.

This graph reflects the raw data that has been collected and may sometimes go wildly off-scale. Real data does that sometimes. To zoom in the time scale hold the left mouse button down and drag across the region of interest. To select a smaller y-data range hold the left mouse button down inside the graphed data area and drag to the scale of interest. To pan through time hold the shift key down and the drag the mouse left or right while holding the left button down. Double click to return to full time scale. It's not as hard to do as it sounds but it may take some practice.

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SiteNameWeir TypeFlow RegimeStartStop Years of
036 Reynolds Creek at Outlet Self-Cleaning Overflow V-Notch (SCOV) Perennial 1963 2016 53
043 SF Murphy Creek Drop-Box V-Notch Perennial 19672) 2016 12
046 Salmon Creek Drop-Box V-Notch Perennial 1964 2014 51
057 Flats Basin 30o V-Notch Ephemeral 1972 2015 44
098 Nancy Gulch 30o V-Notch Ephemeral 1971 2014 43
116b Reynolds Creek at Tollgate Drop-Box V-Notch Perennial 1966 2016 51
117 Lower Sheep Creek Drop-Box V-Notch Ephemeral 1966 2010 45
125b Johnston Draw Drop-Box V-Notch Intermittent 2003 2017 14
135 Dobson Creek Parshall Flume Perennial 1973 2015 43
138012 Upper Sheep Creek 90o V-Notch Intermittent 1970 2011 42
166 Reynolds Mountain East 90o V-Notch Perennial 1963 2016 54
1) Years are rounded from actual dates
2) suspended 1977, restarted 2015